ministry of higher education uk

ministry of higher education uk

In December 2018, the role of Minister of State for Universities and Science was replaced by the role of Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation.
The minister is responsible for:

The minister’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy responsibilities include:

  • universities and higher education reform
  • higher education student finance (including the Student Loans Company)
  • widening participation in higher education
  • education exports (including international students, international research)
  • tackling extremism in higher education

Including loans, bursaries, grants, student finance and paying back loans
Help with school costs, the curriculum and school attendance

The minister’s responsibilities include:
Michelle Donelan was appointed Minister of State for Universities at the Department of Education on 13 February 2020.

Science (Pure & Applied): Mathematics, Molecular Biology, Physics and Chemistry (including Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry).
Engineering & Technology: Studies, Remote Sensing Technology, Communication Engineering, Biotechnology or Biochemical Engineering, Robotics, Computer Applications/Computer Science, Aerospace Engg./Aeronautics, Civil Engineering, Material Science, Mining Engineering and Marine Engineering.

Ministry of higher education uk
The link for the registration portal is
Higher Education Ministry has requested students enrolling in the universities of the United Kingdom in September intake, to register with the ministry.

Ministry of higher education uk
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Higher education has a vital role to play in accelerating development and building inclusive societies. SPHEIR (Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform) aims to strengthen higher education in focus countries to better meet the needs of students, employers and societies.


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