education city

education city

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Education City has arrived at Meon Infant School!

Education city
Try out the fun educational games at
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Headteacher: Mrs M Walsh
Office Staff: Mrs L Christie / Mrs C Harris
Business Manager: Mr I Strom
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Education city
If you need a new Education City pass please ask your teacher and they will print you one. Click on the link below and log in today.
All children from years 1-6 have their own log on for Education City. Your teachers will set homework for you to complete each week. You can also have a go at lots of other activites covering lots of different subjects!

Located on the western edge of Doha, Education City is a campus that spreads over 1,000 hectares or 2,500 acres.
Supported by ample residential and recreational facilities, the Education Section of Qatar Foundation is a community of institutions serving the whole citizen, from early childhood education to post-graduate study.

Education city
Heath Avenue,
Rode Heath Primary


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