Writing a Paper About Pandemic Diseases

If your teacher tells you to write about pandemic diseases, do not panic. You need to explain what a pandemic disease is, the way it spreads, and ways to prevent it. So what are pandemic diseases and their examples? Once a new disease spread worldwide beyond anyone’s expectations, it qualifies to be pandemic. In most cases, there is no immunity to it. Below are examples of pandemic diseases

  1. Examples

An example of pandemic disease is HIV/AIDS. Since 1981, professionals estimate that it has killed 36 million people all over the world. Though more than 31 million people are currently infected, it has now become more manageable. Introduction of ARVs, awareness, and even new treatments have helped.

Another example is the flu pandemic. Seventeen days after the first case on July 13 the year 1968, the disease rapidly spread to other countries. Hong Kong lost over half a million people. The death toll from the rest of the world rose to one million.

Asian flu is another pandemic disease. It originated from China in 1956. By the end of two years, it had already killed at least two million people. Cholera has also been another disaster. The first case of cholera was in India before spreading to the rest of the world in 1910. Before being managed in 1923, it had killed more than 800,000 people in India alone. 

Another episode called the third cholera pandemic took place in the year 1852-1860. It killed over 1 million people. A flu pandemic is another example. Between 1889 and 1890, it had already taken 1 million lives.

Other pandemics include the Black Death that lasted for eight years since the first case in 1346. The primary cause was the bubonic plague. It killed between 75-200 million people in three continents, that is, Asia, Africa, and Europe. The plague of Justinian (541-542) caused by bubonic plague terrorized Europe by killing over 25 million people. Of late, there are cases of Ebola and the Colona virus; for now, they remain an epidemic. 

When writing about the pandemic, show how severe the disease can become. If you have no clue, gurus who write my paper can do the work on your behalf. They charge reasonably and submit excellent work. 

  • Effects and Risks Of Pandemic Disease In Modern Society

These types of diseases kill so many people. That affects the economic, social, and even political environment. The outbreak of pandemic in modern society is catastrophic because of fast communication. As people try to run away from the reported areas, they carry disease along and spread it further. The more people get infected; they flood in the medical facilities where doctors and nurses are not enough. The available ones get overwhelmed. 

The problem with the pandemic disease is that it takes time for scientists to get a vaccine. That worsens the condition and results in the death of many people. 

  • Prevention Measures

Some of these pandemics are airborne. You will get sick once you come into contact with someone suffering from them. 

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Only touch your eyes, nose, or mouth after leaning your hands.
  3. Always cover your mouth and nose when sneezing with a tissue the dispose of it in the trash. 
  4. When going to a busy street, wear a facemask.
  5. In case the disease is in your area, stay at home and avoid clouded regions. 
  6. If you notice any sign of sickness, visit a doctor immediately


Whenever there is an outbreak of pandemic disease, you have to be keen. Search for information regarding it and the ways to avoid it. Avoid overcrowded places. If you must go, wear facemasks.

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