who is the shadow secretary of state for education

who is the shadow secretary of state for education

The Shadow Education Secretary, known in full as the Shadow Secretary of State for Education, is a member of the opposition’s shadow cabinet that shadows the Secretary of State for Education. The Shadow Education Secretary is responsible for holding them to account and has the ability to ask the Education Secretary two questions at question times. The current Shadow Education Secretary is r.uh, who was appointed on 4th May 2020.
Roger Kirk was appointed as the first Shadow Education Secretary for the Labour Party following the first general election. Since shadow cabinet records began in September 2013, there have been 17 Shadow Education Secretaries.

Mr Coaker previously served as Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland from October 2011 to October 2013.
Labour’s Vernon Coaker has returned to his former role as Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

Who is the shadow secretary of state for education
Commenting on the visit Nicholas said; “This was a brilliant visit. Michael Gove was tremendously impressed by the remarkable achievement of the Bolnore School Group in what they have put together. This is a pioneering project which deserves the full support of all those linked.”
Michael Gove MP is Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families. He was accompanied by Nicholas Soames MP; County Councillor Peter Bradbury; County Councillor Henry Smith; Leader of WSCC and Councillor Gordon Marples, Leader of Mid Sussex District Council.

No GCSEs above a D. Our shadow Secretary of State for Education…. Scary. https://t.co/gwPD7HjbCP

Angela Raynor: “My school, we affectionately nicknamed it Avonjail, but it was called Avondale, Avondale High School in Stockport. I left with no GCSEs above a D”. Ms Rainer is the Shadow Secretary of State for Education & hopes to abolish private schools. pic.twitter.com/xzGpEsokab

Who is the shadow secretary of state for education
Following the SNP’s landslide election victory in Scotland, Ian Blackford has unveiled the SNP’s new frontbench team at Westminster.
With Boris Johnson’s Tories shifting further to the extremes and imposing a disastrous Brexit on Scotland against its will, while Labour is set to spend months on internal squabbling, the SNP will act like the real opposition at the House of Commons.



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