who is the minister of education

Secretary of State for Education Responsibilities The Secretary of State is responsible for the work of the Department for Education, including: early years children’s social


The case under study involves medical practitioners and public relations officers in their line of duty. Greensboro region have had a program of testing its employees for HIV. It had been long since anyone from the hospital tested positive for HIV until the time of Dr. Mason. During their usual tests, his results tested positive …

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Meaningful Use of the Electronic Health Registers

Introduction The adoption and use of the electronic health registers (EHR) system by healthcare organizations are aimed at improving the patients’ outcomes, promote effective health management, aid in the coordination of care, improve accountability, and align incentives with impressive patient and population outcomes.  To promote greater adoption of the EHR in the delivery of care, …

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Type I versus Type II Diabetes

  Comparison, Contrast and, the Treatment Type I and Type II diabetes are two of the three main types of diabetes. Type I diabetes, also referred to as juvenile diabetes, develops commonly in young people. In contrast, Type II diabetes also called the adult-onset diabetes is prevalent in middle-aged and older adults. Type 1 diabetes …

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