In the field of health, you cannot read one source and claim to have extensive working knowledge in a particular field or specialty. Health is a broad area, and the specialties or fields of expertise in it are also broad as well, and for one to come up with actionable information, there is the need to consult other authorities in the field. In this regard, therefore, further research is essential, and there are tons of resources on the web and in libraries that can be of help when doing research.

There is a lot of information regarding health in existence today than ever before. Day in day out, thousands of papers are being published. Thousands of research projects are underway in various parts of the globe. The number of laboratories is ever increasing. This only means that there is a lot of useful information that is being generated in multiple domains in health.

Useful Advice

Health is a very sensitive issue in everybody’s life today. Good health will allow you to comfortably undertake your day to day duties without worrying about a particular part of the body or condition. Therefore, getting relevant information and useful advice on issues dealing with your health is a good step in the right direction, since you get enlightened and informed about the dangers of certain foods, practices or habits in advance.


The website of Townheaddoctors, is a very rich source of information in health-related issues. The site has extensive and diverse links to various sources of information spanning from diseases to conditions, to links to societies formed about some diseases and conditions. The site is a reliable source of information, and those folks who need to look up some health-related information, then they can check out this website. Given its diverse nature, they may find information that strikes their interest.

The Health Nerd

For those who like to prefer audiovisual sources of information, then this YouTube channel has great videos that are insightful. The channel has a wide variety of health videos that are informative – and these videos cover a range of issues and aspects related to health. From tips on how to improve the general well-being and condition of the body to general information about how our bodies work and how to take good care of them, this channel is an authority in matters of health and can be very resourceful for those seeking insights into health issues.

Grain Brain

There is a massive array of studies out there that explain why sugar, carbs, and a lot of starch is not important for the body. This book, Grain Brain, is an authority when it comes to information related to the effects of carbs on the brain. Since sugar and carbs are behind most ailments that people suffer from in today’s age, this book has useful advice and insights that could help you make sound decisions about the composition of your diet.

It Starts With Food

With a record number of diseases stemming from the choices of food that we make, It Starts With Food is a book that has great insights into how foods can be very damaging to our health. The foods we eat at times do not bring about the desired effect on our diseases, and instead, lead to some health complications. This book documents it all and has useful and meaningful advice when it comes to what we eat from day to day.